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Technical activities

The research

We have, at our customers’ disposal, a consolidated engineering team with specific competence on AC and DC electrical motors. Recently we widened our structure with electronic experts to develop and commercialize EC motors. We are using a 3D mechanical designing software and a fully geared laboratory in which we make performance, mechanical and electric noise, temperature, life and failure analysis tests.

Applications development

Our core competence is the support that we offer to the customers in the development and application phases. Thanks to our deep technical knowledge of mechanical engines and to the experience gained in our clients’ sectors, we are able to answer to real needs, addressing in an appropriate way the desired development of the product. The high innovation rate of the electric motors requires a constant update about the technological trends of the market proper only of a specialized company like us. For our customers we are not only electric motor supplier: we consider ourselves technological partner, supplier of knowledge able to support their growth.


SWe have an internal laboratory. Here our motors are evaluated, tested and compared. One of our objective is to offer to our clients a product with superior performances: to analyse the needs of our customers and to grant a high quality product, the laboratory tests are our key element.

Test executable in our Laboratory:

  • Electric test
  • Consumption and absorption evaluation
  • Characterization of DC electric motors
  • Di-electric rigidity test
  • Characterization of AC electric motors and brake tests
  • Microscopic analysis
  • Hot and cold test in climatic room
  • Measurement of the rotation speed
  • Thermodynamic measurement
  • Measurement of air graph with aeraulic chamber (standard AMCA)
  • Visualization of electrical signals temporal trend
  • Dimensional analysisTest elettrici


In addition:

  • Duration test with continuous or intermittent cycle
  • Measurement of the aspiration power
  • Measurement of the air capacity
  • Noise measurement
  • Electromagnetic interferences measurement
  • Electric interference measurement

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Aeraulic Chamber